What is True Leadership?

True Leadership is about authentic soul expression. By shining your light on the world you lead in the most important way there is: By walking the path of illumination towards true freedom, wisdom and love. The great cosmic creator, who is the source of all things, is a great artist, expressing itself in a myriad of ways. The soul is in a smaller way a mirror of this and is a cosmic artist expressing itself through its many lives of creative exploration and manifestation. We invite you to become an artist in this sense and unlock the tremendous power of creation inside you.

True Leadership is about expressing beauty in all its forms and is a profound spiritual endeavor. Beauty is found in nature, in art, in science, in the world of ideas, in architecture and music. And beauty is found in social systems and business practices that are aligned with a deeper purpose. Practices that stimulate true growth, self-expression, effective use of resources and jobs that offer meaningful challenges, fellowship and a dignified means of supporting oneself. True Leadership is also a key to attracting and holding on to a new generation of creative talent that do not buy in to the lies and illusions that currently govern most institutions.

True Leadership is ultimately about mastering spiritual will and seeing through the fog of illusion to a deeper truth. Spiritual will is the synthesis of love, power and wisdom. Realizing and expressing spiritual will is something new in the human family. The last 2.000 years, in the age of Pisces, humanity learnt about spiritual love. In the age of Aquarius, humanity will learn to understand and express spiritual will. True Leadership and authentic soul expression is a powerful and exhilarating path towards this ultimate goal.

Spiritual will is accessible when one not only opens to the world of soul, but to the world of spirit. Integrating the power of spirit in your being is an immense challenge, because your deepest shadows and most dearly held illusions will be challenged and ultimately shattered in the meeting with the great void.