Join the True Leadership Program

Creating a more beautiful world:

  • Do you want to overcome and truly heal your inner wounds?
  • Do you want to access your deep untapped potential?
  • Do you long to create a more beautiful world?

Then you have come to the right place. This is a training in creating from the seat of the immortal soul – from a place of ecstatic oneness. And it is a training in confronting the deep shadows of this planet and become a visionary pioneer in service of the Great Spirit – by learning to walk your talk

The True Leadership Program is an esoteric training, integrating wisdom from Theosophy, the Grail Mystery, Spiral Dynamics, Quantum Physics, Ecological Economics, Spiritual Communities and many other branches of human knowledge. It is the fruits of 25 years of spiritual research and offers a cosmic vantage point for the sweeping changes that need to happen in this generation.

Year 1: “A New Dawn” begins on 14.01.2022.

We are faced with the most complex social crisis in our history and underneath it lies a spiritual crisis with deep historical roots. To deal with the crisis we must confront the causes behind it and master the tools needed to make an impact in the world.

The True Leadership Program includes:

  • Creative self-expression: Showing the world who you are and heal the deep wounds of the soul.
  • Mythodrama: Tapping into the power of myth and understanding the true drama of your life.
  • The big picture including the the science of the seven rays, the Ring/Grail mysteries and the Earth’s spiritual history
  • True honesty: Face your fears and express your true self.
  • The Great Realignment and how to heal the spiritual wounds of humanity.
  • How to host heart opening spiritual services in your community.
  • Integral Psychology and the evolution of consciousness.
  • The tools you need to align yourself with your soul purpose and become an active agent of change in the world.

The training takes two takes place in Odense, Denmark over 6 weekends (it is in danish except for some lectures in english):

  • True Leadership Program: 2022: 14-16 January, 18-20 February, 18-20 March, 22-24 April, 20-22 May, 17-19 June

Upcoming: We hope to be able to offer an online journey of 2 x 9 weeks, in English, taking place on Zoom as well. If you are interesting in this, please let us know by writing in the form at the bottom. If there is sufficient interest we will fasttrack the implementation of the online program.

What is True Leadership?

True Leadership is about authentic soul expression. By shining your light on the world you lead in the most important way there is: By walking the path of illumination towards true freedom, wisdom and love. The great cosmic creator, who is the source of all things, is a great artist, expressing itself in a myriad of ways. The soul is in a smaller way a mirror of this and is a cosmic artist expressing itself through its many lives of creative exploration and manifestation. We invite you to become an artist in this sense and unlock the tremendous power of creation inside you.

True Leadership is about expressing beauty in all its forms and is a profound spiritual endeavor. Beauty is found in nature, in art, in science, in the world of ideas, in architecture and music. And beauty is found in social systems and business practices that are aligned with a deeper purpose. Practices that stimulate true growth, self-expression, effective use of resources and jobs that offer meaningful challenges, fellowship and a dignified means of supporting oneself. True Leadership is also a key to attracting and holding on to a new generation of creative talent that do not buy in to the lies and illusions that currently govern most institutions.

True Leadership is ultimately about mastering spiritual will and seeing through the fog of illusion to a deeper truth. Spiritual will is the synthesis of love, power and wisdom. Realizing and expressing spiritual will is something new in the human family. The last 2.000 years, in the age of Pisces, humanity learnt about spiritual love. In the age of Aquarius, humanity will learn to understand and express spiritual will. True Leadership and authentic soul expression is a powerful and exhilarating path towards this ultimate goal.

Spiritual will is accessible when one not only opens to the world of soul, but to the world of spirit. Integrating the power of spirit in your being is an immense challenge, because your deepest shadows and most dearly held illusions will be challenged and ultimately shattered in the meeting with the great void.

Read more at or download the whitepaper “The Great Realignment” below.

True Leadership Program

(6 weekends in 2022)

True Leadership Program: 2022: 14-16 January, 18-20 February, 18-20 March, 22-24 April, 20-22 May, 17-19 June

The Program

All weekends are from Fridag 16h to Sunday 16h and take place at Avalonhuset, Åsum Bygade 18, 5240 Odense NØ. The language for the offline training (this program) is in Danish except for certain lectures that are recorded for use on the online program.

First semester

1: (14-16/01) Finding your Inner Hero

Guest Teachers: Freyiia Mileh & Maria Moon (Shamanic Breathwork)

To step fully into your soul power you must find your inner hero. Freyiia and Maria will take us on a journey of shamanic breathwork in the tradition of Linda Starwolf and Venus Rising. And we will work with True Honesty as a tool to become more present in the world with our deep spiritual truths.

2: (18-20/02): Honest Relating

Theme Teacher: Marcus Myhr

The Earth has been in the shadows for thousands of years. And we have all abused our power and been abused countless times. It is time for a great healing where we take the painful lessons of the past and alchemize them into golden love and cosmic creativity so that we can stand fully in our archetypal powers. Part of this is to become more honest in relating to ourselves and others.

3: (18-20/03) Ragnarok and the Birth of a New World

Guest Teacher: Hanna Snorrisdottir (Storydancing)

Guided by our guest teacher Hanna, we will tap into the power of the Nordic myths and the ancient wisdom teachings of the societies of our ancestors. We will mirror our own life into the myth of Ragnarok – the end of the world as we know it – and resurrect from the darkness with the Goddess of Love and Fertility Freja. We will dive into the feminine path of initiation (vølve path) and look at how we can apply the power of love and true connection in our lives.

Second semester

4: (22-24/04): Embodying your Soul Power

Theme teacher: Lai Yde (Integral embodiment)

Knowing the truth is one thing, living it is quite another. Bringing our visions, wisdom and spiritual power into the world requires us to bring all our insights into our body.
Guided by the actor and spiritual teacher Lai Yde we will explore the Enneagram and the memes of integral theory and embody the different stages of evolution as a way to identify and heal the shadows that elude our mind.

5: (20-22/05): The Great Realignment

Theme teacher: Rolf Jackson (Archetypes)

The world is at a crossroads. Multiple system crisis are forcing mankind to confront the dysfunctional systems we have created. Will the future hold a Great Reset ruled by the corporations or a Great Realignment ruled by soul power and embodying our cosmic heritage? World politics is the battlefield but the soul of humanity is the prize.

6: (17-19/06): Birthing the New Story

The stories we tell shape the world we live in. On the last weekend of year one you will take the essence of all that you have learned and crystallize it into a presentation of your soul mission. Stepping into your power and showing the world who we are is the purpose of this last step of the first year’s journey.

The Training

The world as we know it is breaking down. It is increasingly obvious that our current institutions and mindset is woefully inadequate in the face of the crisis looming before Mankind. But Humanity is rapidly awakening to a new reality. Cosmic awareness is washing across the shores of Mankind and soon most of the old institutions will be obsolete – relics of a painful past. They are about to be replaced by a whole new approach to reality that is born from the realization of Oneness.

Liberate your True Soul Power

The True Leadership Program is conceived as a 3-year training program but you only commit to one year at the time.

You will learn about esoteric science, take part in a powerful healing process and confront personal and cultural trauma. The core purpose of this process is to liberate your true soul power by truly healing the deep wound of separation that virtually everyone carries as a result of Earth’s long and difficult journey in the cosmic shadows.

You will apply what you learn by taking part in the real world manifesting of breakthrough projects such as conferences, festivals, online TV channels or other breakthrough initiatives with visions that are born from the realm of soul. They will all be initiatives through which the new vibration of cosmic awareness can be channeled into humanity.

Fellowship, Followship & Leadership

The students of different years will study together, but differ in how they apply the teachings:

  • Year 1 is about fellowship – laying the foundation, healing the major personal wounds and attuning to your soul mission – and most importantly: reconnecting at a spiritual level to the core of your being. At the end of year one you will manifest your soul mission in a vision (and presentation) of how to renew a chosen aspect of our culture.
  • Year 2 is about followship – applying what you have learned in support of group initiatives. The esoteric training and healing will continue, but you will now also take part in supporting a concrete project of cosmic creation.
  • Year 3 is about leadership. The esoteric training and healing continues, but you will now be part of a leadership team that organize a breakthrough event, with the support of a group of 2nd year students.

Overall Structure

It takes time to create a lasting personal transformation. It is not enough to grasp something intellectually. It must be integrated in your body and implemented as new habits in your daily life.

Experience shows that such a fundamental reorientation takes at least 3 years to complete. For this reason the True Leadership program has been conceived as a 3 year training. However, each year is a self contained unit that can be taken with great benefit.

The program is composed of two major parts of equal importance:

  • Inner transformation: A process of soul healing, realignment and transformation.
  • The curriculum: Receiving teachings about esoteric topics, psychology, history, social and political issues and many other topics that are relevant to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural transformation the earth is going through.

New students can begin each year and after three year you will have completed the program.

Meet the Spaceholders

Rolf Jackson

Rolf is a Quantum Philosopher, Cultural Shaman, Author and Teacher. Rolf has a background as a civil engineer specialized in theoretical physics (M.Sc.E.). He has conducted extensive research into the Earth’s spiritual history, science and politics politics in order to build a bridge between the timeless wisdom and the undeniable facts of modern science. 

Marcus Myhr

Marcus er en bror af lys og kærlighed der arbejder med enhedens healende lys. Cand. Mag i Religionshistorie, esoterisk healer og astrolog, sexolog og integrativ psykoterapeut fra ID-Academy og stifter af Sindets Natur.

Oliver Valentin

Oliver Valentin underviser i yoga og bevægelse og er tidligere dobbelt verdensmester i Ashihara karate. Olivers har en kreativ tilgang til bevægelse, som bl.a. afspejles i hans arbejde med fysisk teater, dans og kontaktimprovisation. Oliver laver idag skuespil og udvikler fortsat sit udtryk i sammenkobling med bevægelse, sind og stemme.

Lai Yde

Lai Yde er en humoristisk multikunstner med en stor rygsæk fuld at teorier og teknikker, som han bakker op med praktiske øvelser og rollespil med professionelle skuespillere. Lai Yde har intenst studeret Ken Wilbers ”The integral system” siden 2007 og tog i 2011 et helt år ud af kalenderen for at studere på Malmø Teaterskole (som er under Lunds Universitet) Han arbejdede sammen med 6 skuespillere på at sætte praktiske skuespillerteknikker på de otte integrale teorier, så teorierne kunne komme fra hovedet ned i kroppen og derved blive brugbare i hverdagen for både ledere og medarbejdere.

Meet the Guest Teachers

Hanna Snorradottir

Hanna is a passionate storyteller, author and story-dancer from the North of Iceland. Her mission is to bring the wisdom and magic of the Feminine Nordic Wisdom Tradition to the world through shamanism, healing words (storytelling) and Storydancing, in order for people to heal, find peace within and the inter-connectedness with nature.

She is the author of the brand new book: Goddess Wisdom from the North

Freyiia Milléh og Maria Moon

Freyiia og Maria har arbejdet t æt sammen gennem f lere år og afholdt mange dybe ceremonier og retreats med både plantemediciner og breathwork. De er trænet i at holde et stærkt rum, hvor alt kan få lov at blive følt, foldet ud og transformeret. Under ceremonierne går de rundt hos deltagerne og udfører intuitivt krops- og healingsarbejde, som hjælper til dyb forløsning i både krop og sind. De brænder begge for dybt transformerende udviklingsarbejde og har en lang række uddannelser og stor personlig erfaring med sig.

Healing the Deepest Wounds

How do you heal a wound you do not even know that you have? A wound that manifests as compulsions, anxieties and addictions that you do not understand?

I have found that the only way to do so is a combination of spiritual healing and creative work. Being creative in writing, singing, painting and other modes of expression is therefore part of the healing process.

The story Grail Wars is the fruit of my healing journey. And it is  a work of art. You may not think of yourself as an artist, but neither did I. When the soul is activated it is surprising what may emerge. Embrace your gifts and share them with the world.

The story is fiction inspired by memories of past lifetimes and touches upon deep issues ignored by mainstream culture. Reading it is a magnificent journey. Many of those who have read it have reported that it triggered spontaneous healing processes in them.


“Grail Wars is powerful, grand, magnificent, ambitious, original, and way ahead, theologically, metaphysically, and psychologically, of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.”

“Grail Wars is incredible, mystical, moving, enlightening, exciting and multifaceted. It is an amazing and surprising journey that answers all life’s great questions.”

Read more at where you will also find other books by Rolf Jackson

The Ringbearers Prayer

Life is what your make of it – Service brings joy – Love brings freedom – Sacrifice unveils the one life

Welcome to the Oberion

The True Leadership Training is a powerful introduction to the mysteries and the primary entrance into the Oberion School of Creative Synthesis.

This school is not an organisation, but a gateway to a higher consciousness. It is a field of possibilities that will enable you to access your true cosmic heritage when you embrace the teachings, challenges and fellowship that life offers. You can call it a mystery school if you like, although this term in itself means only little.

True Leadership is an entrance into this “school of the mysteries”. In the program we offer an inner practice that is rooted in the ancient mysteries, but brought to life through the teachers’ own experiences and life practices.

True Leadership – Offers

The symbol of True Leadership contains the three flames of the monad (love, power & wisdom) united as one and with the symbol of the grail in the middle. 


Our True Leadership program is our signature offer. It is an esoteric training that can be taken either offline in Denmark or online (coming soon). The goal of the training is to realign soul and personality and revitalise the connection in service of humanity. Uniting Love and Power through Wisdom is another way of saying the same thing.

Sign up for our mailinglist to be updated about upcoming events.


The challenges we face on the spiritual path are very individual. Group work and simply being in the field of the Oberion and participating in the fellowship has a deep impact. But individual healing, counseling and past life regression can often speed the process up and transform difficult inner obstacles.

If you would like an individual session with Rolf or Tea please contact us. We offer both physical and virtual sessions.


Sunday at noon (12h CEST, Copenhagen time) during the online training semesters we host online meditative service on Zoom with beautiful heart opening music and powerful invocations that heal deeply into the collective consciousness of humanity and align you with your soul purpose.

The service lasts an hour and on weeks where we do not have other programs it is followed by ½ hour open sharing. Join our Ring of Life community at Facebook to stay updated.

Questions and Answers

Below some common questions have been answered. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us by submitting a question in the form below.

Our program is aimed at both a Danish audience and an international audience. In order to make it simpler we have made the website in English. The offline program (physical meeting weekends in Odense, Denmark) will be in danish except for a few selected lectures that are to be used for the international audience as well.

Follow the “BUY TICKET” link and enter your details and preferences. You can pay in montly rates or all at once prior to program start as it suits you.

The price is shown elsewhere on the page. Under the menu items “Price” and “Buy Ticket” you will find the price information and payment details.

Visit Rolf Jackon’s site at where you will find more about the books and links to Amazon where you can order them.

Yes! Every Sunday at noon (CEST – Danish time) during the online program semester we host online services on Zoom. It is a simple and beautiful practice that have a deep impact on your soul connection. Join our Facebook Group to stay updated

Yes. At you can join our online FB community for free. We also have a page you can like at

You can reach us at or at tel: +45 20323120.

The training itself is without VAT (and no VAT will be  added). Because the training is offered as part of a membership of the Ring of Life association it is VAT exempt.

Food and accommodation is provided by Avalonhuset and includes deductible VAT.

For thousands of years the Earth has been cut of from the natural flow of cosmic energy. The causes for this are beyond a simple explanation, but is something we will explore during the training. Because of this, the Earth is currently going through a massive reorientation. We call it “The Great Realignment”, because we seek to realign our culture, institutions and personal lives with the cosmic life force and spiritual archetypes.

Other forces are promoting a materialistic notion of reality that essentially seek to avoid this realignment. The “Great Reset” is one such agenda that has been popularized during the corona crisis.

In a sense one can say that Humanity currently face a choice between the Great reset and the Great realignment and that this generation will be the one to make this choice.

Yes, look below for the details.

The Great Realignment – A Call for True Leadership

Join our mailing list TODAY and receive the whitepaper “The Great Realignment – A Call for True Leadership” as a bonus download.

Using developmental psychology and integral theories combined with insights from 25 years of spiritual research, the whitepaper outlines strategies for dealing with the challenges facing mankind. It contains 30 pages of visions for a brighter future.

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And receive instant bonus download: The Great Realignment.

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    Practical Details

    The physical/offline training takes place on 6 weekends in Odense, Denmark from Friday 16h to Sunday 16h with two overnight stays.

    Food and accomodation is not included in the basic fee. Students can either pay for food and accomodation in connection with the weekends or as part of their membership subscription package. Students are expected to help with food preparation and cleaning the facilities after we are done to help keep prices down.

    We have 20 beds and 30 places in the program. Therefore, if you want to be sure to have a bed at Avalonhuset, we strongly recommend that you book the bed along with your course booking.

    Note: If Denmark become subject to new corona  lockdowns that prevent the program from taking place, it will be converted to a 2×9 weeks online program instead.

    The offline program is in Danish language, except perhaps for a few special events designed to integrate with the international audience.

    Disclaimer: The program works deep into the psyche and can bring deeply unconscious patterns of thought and behavior to the surface. While we endeavour to create space to heal such patterns we reserve the rights to remove individuals from the program who exhibit a behavior that is incompatible with the aims of the program and the healty progress of the group. In this (unlikely) event we will offer a pro-rata refund of the course fee.

    Price & Payment

    The normal price is going to be kr. 15.000,- per year (standard) and kr. 12.000,- for students, seniors and the unemployed (reduced rate). However, because it is a completely new program we offer the 20% reduced rate for everyone in 21/22. The price for the first year of the program is therefore:

    • Dkr. 12.000,- for individuals paid by themselves or kr. 2.200,- pr month for 6 months (reduced 20% in first year).
    • Dkr. 12.000,- for seniors, students and individuals on public benefits or kr. 2.200 pr month for 6 months.
    • Dkr. 24.000,- for businesses (paid by the workplace) or kr 4.400,- pr month for 6 months).

    In addition to this will be a cost of kr. 500,- per weekend for food, all inclusive (kr. 3.000,- in total) and kr. 200-600,- pr weekend for accommodation if you stay in Avalonhuset (depending on the chosen room standard).

    Pay in rates

    If you use the coupon “payinrates” (no quotes) you will only be charged 15% of the total at checkout. The remainder is paid in 5 monthly installments. A 5% surcharge is added to cover the extra administration and credit card charges.


    We also have a few slots available as volunteers at a reduced rate. We need volunteers for cleaning and cooking and for technical tasks (video and audio recording etc.). Volunteers may need to arrive a day before and/or stay an extra day depending on what is agreed. Call us if you are interested in volunteering.

    Online Training

    (Takes place on Zoom in English )

    We plan to offer an online version of the training in  English as soon as we have the resources to do so.

    It will consist of two weekly 2½h sessions (mostly sundays and wednesdays) and a weekly self-study lesson. The self study will normally be based on a video and some reading material combined with questions for self-study and group work.

    The students will become part of a study group of 4-6 persons which will meet online once a week. In the weeks where we have the offline trainings, the online meetings will take place on Monday evenings. We will aim to structure the program so that it works well for students in the  European and US timezones.

    Online meetings will be recorded and made available to the participants in the program along with an online forum for Q&A, sharing and social interaction. The purpose of the recordings is to be able to revisit the teachings and allow students to catch up if they miss a session.

    If you are interested in the online program, please sign up for our newsletter and express this interest. If there is a lot of interest in the program we will fasttrack the implementation of it.

    Buy Your Ticket

    The initiation training begins this autumn. Book your space now. It is going to be an amazing journey.

    Special deal for first year: Because it is the first year we do this we have cut the rates by 20% from 15.000 to 12.000 for the normal rate course fee (without food and accommodation). This is an amazing value for money.

    Deadline for booking: Wednesday, 05/01-22

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    Pay in Rates

    If you want to pay in rates, then use the coupon “payinrates” (without the quotes) and you will only be charged 15% of the total at checkout. The reminder will be paid in 5 monthly installments. We will contact you about the details.

    10% Early Bird (until 16/12-21)

    Book your space before midnight 01/11 and receive a 10% discount. The normal course fee (12.000) is reduced to 10.800 and with food (kr. 3.000) the total becomes: 13.800,-.

    Intro meeting on Zoom – Wednesday: 16/12, 19.30h

    The first intromeeting was held on Zoom and the recording can be seen here.

    Join our maillinglist and the Facebook event to stay updated

    General Information

    The course fee consist of 3 parts:

    • The course fee itself.
    • Food for 6 weekends (kr 500,- pr weekend, 3000 in total)
    • Accommodation if you do not live near by. We have a limited number of rooms, so make sure you book accommodation if you need it.

    Our esoteric leadership program is offered in collaboration with the Ring of Life educational association. This means that there is no VAT on the course fee itself because the education is offered in return for a one year membership of the Ring of Life. This is to make the program more accessible for individuals who cannot deduct the VAT. Food and accommodation is provided by Avalonhuset and includes 25% deductible VAT.

    When booking you either pay the full course fee including food and accommodation at once, or a kr. 3.000,- deposit and the rest in 5 rates. There is a 10% surcharge (increase in price) if you chose to pay in rates (rates are due at the start of: nov, dec, jan, feb and mar).

    You can pay by mobile pay to Avalonhuset: (mobilepay: 12315 – make sure it says “Avalonhuset”) or by bank transfer to Danske Bank: 3574-0011137202

    Note: All bookings include food but not accomodation.