Oberion –  School of Creative Synthesis

Welcome to Oberion. Oberion is not an organization. It is a fellowship of seekers. We are all students of life exploring cosmic evolution together. The school is a matrix of opportunities that you can step into, if you choose to join one of the gateways of the Oberion. Each gateway is a project run by fellow students that have been on the path for a while. Like you they are students of the Oberion. They teach while they learn – as will you if you pursue this path.

The circle of gateways as a whole can be considered a cosmic seed. The purpose of our work is to plant this cosmic seed in the garden of humanity – and make it blossom. We call such a flower an Oberia.

An Oberia flower can be likened to a lotus. The heart of the lotus is the Oberion vortex and the petals are the gateway projects manifesting different aspect of divine purpose. By complementing and supporting each other these project open up a field of possibilities that allow students to explore their true soul purpose and unfold their creative potential in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

The first Oberia seed was planted in Odense, Denmark 15 years ago, and now it is ready to sprout. What this means is that the gateway projects are taking forms and offer seekers an opportunity to learn about the cosmic mysteries, create new jobs for themselves, impregnate the world with new ideas and co-create a new kind of community: An Oberia Community.

The main  entrance to the Oberion is the Ring of Life that offers a number of  training and events that can introduce you to the Oberion School.


The Vision: Cultural Synthesis

Synthesis is a process of gaining a higher perspective in order to reconcile apparent opposites. Mastering our bodies, new work skills and relationship skills all involve a process of synthesis within the personal realm. However, given the current global challenges we need to master the process of synthesis in the cultural and political realm in completely new ways. The eight gates of the Oberion are designed for this purpose.

The eight gateways are expressions of ideas in different realms of society: politics, healing, business, art, science, education, media and community. Each of these ideas are born from a perspective of wholeness. But more importantly: They are all connected to the Oberion by virtue of their origin, and a vision of facilitating cultural synthesis in practice.

The reason it is organized like this is that creating and manifesting (rather than contemplating) a new world is the path we are walking on. Being creative in art, writing, business, music, politics or whatever is how we reconnect to our true cosmic heritage and overcome the wounds that currently condition our thoughts and action to a degree few realize.

The Oberia mandala (to the right) can be considered a living piece of art. Some projects are well defined and already being manifested. Others are in the process of taking form. As the visions gradually manifest changes may occur as our understanding deepens. The mandala is an expression of a great idea of synthesis. It is not easy to grasp intellectually and is not really meant to be “understood”. It is more of an artistic expression designed to inspire.

The Oberia flower is an artistic rendering of a vision for cultural synthesis. 

The Path

If you want to become a student of the Oberion, the gateway projects are your entrance and perhaps one project above them all: The Ring of Life. Because this is where you will learn the ABC of cultural synthesis and be given the tools to begin the process.

The gateway projects are designed to reflect the seven rays of creation and a visionary realignment in the domains of politics, healing, business, art, science, education, media & community life. We are working to develop websites that express each of these ideas more fully and as they come online you will find links to them below.


The Earth is Alive and We are Her Voice. Creating a world that works for everyone by mobilizing politically based on spiritual cosmology, integral psychology and ecological economy.


Healing the Space Between Us. Bring peace to conflicting parts within by creating a new balance between the source of your being and your creative life expressions. Embrace the true miracles of life and let yourself receive the deep blessing your heart longs for.


The Hero’s Journey. Leadership training based on a mythological inner journey leading to an integration of the warrior, lover and magician archetypes in leadership practices (mastering the king/queen archetypal power).


Realigning Truth and Story. Manifesting our deepest truth through writing, singing, painting, filming, music or other creative expressions can be a profound healing, and oftentimes the only thing that will touch the core of who we are.


Unveiling the secrets of life. Contributing to the tools and knowhow needed to to realign the Earth with cosmic purpose by facilitating academic debates that recognize the spiritual foundations of life.


Make Life Beautiful. Find freedom, love and creativity by realigning yourself with cosmic purpose. Tap into your soul mission through the Ringbearer training.


Truth Beyond Reason. Reclaiming the spiritual narrative by debating the great issues facing humanity based on a perspective of cosmic openness and historical honesty.


Art, Heart and Courage. The Oberia community project is a vision for a holistic co-creative residential community in the heart of Denmark (Odense). The community is the garden in which the Oberia flower can grow and thrive.

What is Oberion?

Oberion is a portal to a higher consciousness. It is not easily explained or defined and my current understanding of it has been 25 years in the making.

My first contact to Oberion was in 1995 where it revealed itself as a cosmic source of inspiration consisting of three streams of cosmic energy: A colorful creative energy from the Pleiades, a golden heart energy from Sirius and a diamond white light of illumination from Ursa Major.

Around 2001 I stumbled upon some channelings that spoke about Oberion as a tradition in the worlds of light that work by balancing Love, Power and Wisdom. The symbolism and understanding of the Oberion was so close to the understanding that I had developed on my own that it was uncanny.

Then in 2004, the Danish Artist Birgitte Fich painted an image of the Oberion which is shown on the left. The image contains a deep symbolism and depicts how the three cosmic sources of inspiration flow into the Earth through a grail. The painting brought the energy of the Oberion alive in a new way. The artist felt that one of the streams came from Orion, which is how it is depicted in the painting.

Over the years Oberion has inspired various initiatives that could become game changers while my understanding of the Oberion as a school of creative synthesis gradually deepened. These visions became the gateway projects.

When I tune into the Oberion today, I also experience it as a council of beings from many parts of the universe that have come to provide inspiration and ideas for the very complex and challenging transition the Earth is going through. More than anything the Oberion is a field of possibilities and you are welcome to join us if you feel the calling.

— Rolf Jackson, 2021

The Ringbearers Prayer

Life is what your make of it – Service brings joy – Love brings freedom – Sacrifice unveils the one life.

“I play on broken heartstrings – and I repair them – and I sing them back to life.”

Tea Jarlkov

“No one gets into heaven alone. Take someone by the hand and lead by your example and the path becomes so much lighter.”

Rolf Jackson

Questions and Answers

If the Oberion and the ideas you have encountered on this page speaks to you, you are welcome to reach out to us and become part of our work. Below are some pointers on how to proceed.

The Oberion is  a gateway to a higher consciousness and a field of possibilities. The heart of the impulse is a synthesis between a creative playful energy, a deep golden heart energy and a diamond like power of creation.

The Oberion is not an organisation. It is a field of possibilities. No one can claim ownership of this energy. In the Ring of Life (which is an organization) we offer trainings, meditations and events that you can join.

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